This book is being made available free of charge, in the hope that it can help students, engineers and scientists around the world.  Please note that the book was originally published in 1982, so some of the material is dated.  If there is enough interest, a second edition may be written in the future to include modern developments.

The full text version is best suited for modern computers with large Random Access Memories (RAM) and fast central processing units (CPU).  The "hidden text" version can be searched for key words or phrases using the binoculars icon on the task bar.  The version with separate files for each chapter is best suited for computers that have slower CPU or smaller RAM.  You are welcome to download and print the textbook or portions of it, providing that you
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The Fusion Research book by Thomas Dolan was scanned and OCR'd by INIS Clearinghouse (January 2001).
Pixview was used for scanning (300 dpi), Adobe Acrobat  4.0 for OCR and Adobe Catalog 4.0 for Indexing.
Fusion Research Course Plan
Pictures of the class

Advertence: Some of the images (original with hidden text.pdf)  happen to be displayed strikethrough with thin white lines over the text or the text looks smaller on certain parts.This is an effect created by the OCR engine of Adobe, to clean the lines/make the text more readable only change the size of the image/zoom the image. The original images are kept in the multipage tiff. Attached are 3 viewers that can be installed from this CD, each of them in their respective folder:
For PDF, Fusion_Research\Viewers\Acrobat viewer\rs405eng.exe
For Djvu, Fusion_Research\Viewers\Djvu viewer\DjVuSolo3.0-noncom.exe
For Tiff, Fusion_Research\Viewers\tifft viewer\

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