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The 12th International Workshop on Spherical Torus 2006

A Satellite Meeting of IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2006

October 11 (Wed) - 13 (Fri), 2006, Chengdu, P.R.China

Local Host: SUNIST United Laboratory
                 Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P.R.China
                 Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, P.R.China



The 12th International Workshop on Spherical Torus will be held in Century City International Exchange Resorts, Chengdu and hosted by SUNIST United Laboratory. The local host representative is Professor Yexi HE.

The previous ISTWs were held in Oak Ridge (1994), Princeton (1995), Culham (1996), St. Petersburg (1997), Tokyo (1998), Seattle (1999), Sao Paulo (2001), Princeton (2002), Culham (2003), Kyoto (2004) and St. Petersburg (2005).


The objectives of the meeting are to contribute to advancing the understanding of spherical tori (ST) and, when appropriate, compact toroid (CT) configurations and to enhance their potential for fusion power applications, and to provide a forum for discussion and collaboration enhancement. The scope of the meeting covers the full range of research activities on ST, extended to their interface with other CT fusion concepts; namely, spheromaks and field reversed configurations.


Topical areas of interest include:

  • A. Plasma science (experiment and/or theory-computation)
  • B. Engineering, technology and diagnostic development
  • C. Future concepts (device upgrades, CTF, DEMO, power plants)

Please indicate on the abstract the topical area(s) of most relevance to your abstract.

Meeting format

The meeting will consist of invited and contributed oral presentations.

It is expected that time allocation for invited talks will be 30 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion and for contributed talks 20 minutes plus 3 minutes discussion. Projector with a computer will be provided for participants to present their papers. CD and memory stick will be readable (Power Point or pdf formats are recommended). Overhead or slide projector would also be available.

The official language of the meeting is English. It is expected that the meeting will start at 8:30 AM on 11 October 2006 and end by 12:30 PM on 13 October 2006.


In the range of 30-40 participants are expected to attend 2006 ISTW.

Meeting room will be Function Room 11, Century City International Conventional Resorts, Chengdu, China, which is the same location as the 2006 Fusion Energy Conference.

Hotels: Century City International Conventional Resorts (Holiday inn) recommended by 2006 FEC is a few minutes walking distance from the meeting room. Participants could reserve this hotel through the 2006 FEC hotel reservation procedure.

Another recommended hotel is "Hotel ibis Chengdu", about 6 km away from Century City with the rate about 140 RMB per night for a single bed room. The Local Organizing Committee will provide a transportation service to send Ibis's participants to the meeting site and back to the hotel before and after the meeting daily. Anyone who would like to stay in Hotel ibis Chengdu should prepay the total amount to the same account as the registration fee's payment, and send an email (including: name of participant, stay days, arriving day) to LOC secretary for reserving your room.

Registration fee and payment

The registration fee for 2006 ISTW is 200 USD. The fee will cover coffee breaks, publication of the conference materials and participants' bags, transfer from the hotel to the meeting site, reception and conference dinner.

Payment will be possible either in USD or Euro by bank transfer, or in cash on arrival (in RMB, USD or Euro).

The bank transfer should be addressed to:

  • 1. Name of Account: TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY
  • 2. Account No.: 00047108094001
  • 3. Account Opening Bank: The Bank of China, Head Office
  • 4. Address: No.1, Fuxingmen Nei Avenue, Beijing, PRC, 100818
  • 5. Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ
  • 6. Telex No.: 22254 BCHO CN
  • 7. MESSAGE: following information should be filled as the message of bank transfer:
    Payment for 2006 ISTW to Yexi HE, Department of Engineering Physics, TEL: 62776446

Visa: It is anticipated that most participants of the 2006 ISTW will attend the 2006 FEC. Participants planning to attend the 2006 ISTW only, please contact the LOC in advance for visa application.

Scientific visiting: If any participant would like to visit SUNIST Laboratory or other institutes involving magnetic fusion before 2006 ISTW or after 2006 FEC should please contact the LOC. We will be pleased to provide assistance.

Abstract submission

A one page abstract must be submitted by 20 July 2006. The abstract may be text only or contain figures and graphics, but must be only one page. The abstract must contain the authors’ names, affiliation and email address. Acceptable file formats are Microsoft Word or PDF.

The abstract shall be prepared according to the following instructions:

  • 1) Page size: A4 (297mm by 210 mm) - vertical orientation
  • 2) Margins 25mm all around
  • 3) Layout:
          Title: single-spaced, 14-point size, Times New Roman Font, bold
          Authors: single-spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font
          Affiliation: single-spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font, italic
          Text: single-spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font
          Length: one page

A Book of Abstracts will be compiled for free distribution at the meeting to every participant.

Please submit the abstract by email to: or

Post address:
   HE, Yexi
   Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University
   Beijing 100084, P.R.China


July 20, 2006 - Submission by email, fax or post of abstracts according to the instructions above for paper selection.

August 15, 2006 - 2nd announcement, participants will be informed about the acceptance of their papers.

Before meeting begins - Please bring an electronic word or pdf file of your paper to be collected by Scientific Secretary of 2006 ISTW.

Official Web Site for 2006 ISTW

International Programme Committee

Dave Gates - PPPL, USA
Greg Garstka - University of Wisconsin, USA
Franco Alladio - Frascati, Italy
Vasily K. Gusev - Ioffe Institute, Russia
Brian Lloyd, Co-Chair - Culham Science Center, UK
Gerson Ludwig - INPE, Brazil
Yuichi Takase, Co-Chair - University of Tokyo, Japan
Kohnosuke Sato - Kyushu University, Japan
Valerie Belyakov - Efremov Inst, Russia
Mikhail Gryaznevich - Culham Science Center, UK
Yexi He - Tsinghua University, China

Local Organizing Committee

HE, Yexi , Chair - SUNIST Laboratory, Tsinghua University
Gao, Zhe - SUNIST Laboratory, Tsinghua University
Gao, Xiang - Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shi, Manli - Southwestern Institute of Physics
Wang, Long - Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Mr. TAN, Yi
Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084, P.R.China
Tel.: 86 - 10 - 62776446, FAX: 86 - 10 - 62782658

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