The SUNIST Laboratory

The SUNIST lab is a place to discover new physics and to invent new technologies that may make fusion as an affordable and infinite energy for human as soon as possible.

The pathway selected by the lab is spherical tokamak. Currently, the lab is operating a spherical tokamak named SUNIST and constructing a new spherical tokamak named SUNIST-2.

The SUNIST spherical tokamak is a fully mature research device. It started operation from Nov. 2002, major upgraded in 2008. Its main parameters are:

Major radius0.3m
Minor radius0.23m
Toroidal magnetic field<0.27T
Plasma current<110kA

The SUNIST spherical tokamak

Technical details:

  • Vaccum
  • Magnets
  • Power supplies for magnets
  • Accessories
  • Diagnostics


The vacuum vessel of SUNIST is made of 316L stainless steel.

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